Reset Barracuda ESG Password

With one of the latest updates to our Email Security Gateway (ESG), Barracuda is no longer allowing open authentication to access your quarantined messages. What this means is you must enter a username (email) and password.

Since you were never required to enter a password, there is no password set. Use the following instructions for creating a password and changing it to one of your choosing.


1. View your Spam Quarantined Summary email and click View your entire Quarantine Inbox or manage your preferences. at the bottom.


2. At the Barracuda | Email Security Gateway login page, enter your email address in the Username field and click the Create New Password button.


3. An email with your new password will be sent to you within a matter of minutes. Login using your email and new password.

4. Once you've logged in, click PREFERENCES>Password.


5. Enter the password you were emailed for the Old Password: and enter your new password twice in the following fields. Then click Save Password.


You have successfully logged in to your quarantine portal and changed your password. You will use the new password you created for further access into the portal.

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