Change your password (Windows 10)

This article will help you change your password for your Windows 10 login, as well as your terminal server login if your organization has a server. If you do not have access to a terminal server, skip to step 4.


1. Make sure that you are signed out of the terminal server, if applicable. Left-click the Windows Icon in the bottom left corner, as shown here.


2. Left-click the icon next to your username as shown here.


3. Left-click the Sign out option to sign out of the terminal server, as shown here. Do not continue to step four until the terminal server environment has closed.


4. Using your keyboard, press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys to bring up the GINA screen, as shown below. Left-click the Change a Password option from the list. 


5. Enter your old password, then create a new password. Your password should be at least eight characters, contain an upper and lower case letter, a number, and a symbol to be secure. Enter the new password again. Left-click the arrow or press the enter key on your keyboard to apply the changes.


6. Once you have successfully created a password, you will see the following screen, where you will left-click OK and then be taken to your desktop. 


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