TeamViewer Installation Guide

This article will guide you through downloading and installing our remote software.


1. Go to and click on the Remote Support link at the top.



2. A new tab or window will open, click Run at the bottom of the tab/window.



3. At the TeamViewer 10 Host Setup window, click Next.



4. Select Company/Commercial use and click Next.



5. Check the box to accept the EULA and click Next.



6. Once TeamViewer installs, it will take 10 - 30 seconds for the Setup Unattended Access wizard will start, click Next.




7. Enter your first and last name for the Computer Name. Enter 123456 for both password fields and click Next.



8. Another window will pop up asking for permissions to access the computer, click Allow and finish.


That's it! Your computer is now ready for IT Network Specialist to remote in and solve your issues.  

If you have any questions or find that this article contains a mistake, email the Help Desk at and one of our friendly technicians will help you.

                 - ITNS Support                   

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