3CX Voicemail Options Guide

This article is a step-by-step guide for setting up your voicemail options.

To access your voicemail, press the MESSAGE button on your desktop phone or dial 999.

Enter your four-digit pin number. (The default pin number is 1234)

The voicemail options are as follows:


  • To play available voicemails press *


  • For the options menu press 9:

                -To play message press *


                -Change profile status press 1:

                         1. available

                         2. away

                         3. out of office

                         4. custom profile 1

                         5. custom profile 2                      


                -Delete all red message press 4


                -Change self-identification message press 5:

                        Record new press 0

                        Delete message 1

                        Check current self identification message 2

                        To exit press #


                -To play mailbox information press 6


                -Change voicemail pin press 7:

                       Enter new pin code then press #


                -Change greeting message press 8:

                       Record new greeting message 0

                       To restore standard message press 1

                       Check current greeting message press 2


                -To repeat prompt press 9


                -To exit press #


Congratulations! You have successfully configured your voicemail options!

If you have any questions, need your password, or find that this article contains a mistake, email the Help Desk at helpdesk@itnetspec.com and one of our friendly technicians will help you.


                                                                                    -ITNS Support

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