Vivotek Mobile App Configuration

This article pertains to customers using our Vivotek NVR's. Use the following instructions to download and configure the Vivotek application on your Android or iPhone device for remote viewing:

1. On your mobile device, go to the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone), search for iViewer, and download/install the application.

2. Once the application has been installed, open it and click on the 3 horizontal bars at the top left.

3. Click ADD DEVICES from the drop-down menu.

4. Next, select the ADD DEVICES MANUALLY option.

5. On the Add a new device screen, make sure that SERVER is selected at the top.

6. Using the credentials supplied by IT Network Specialists, enter the Public IP Address, User name, and Password and select the "+" at the bottom. (Note: If you do not have this information, email or call the help desk at or 903-884-6380 opt. 3)

7. If you have successfully entered the information correctly, you receive a green check mark. Click GO TO LIVEVIEW to view your cameras.


That's it! You have successfully configure the iViewer app on your mobile device. Should you need assistance or find an error in these instructions, please email or call the help desk and the first available technician will help you!

                                                                                                       - ITNS Support

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